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Our number one goal at ELM Pediatric Dentistry is for your child to feel comfortable and safe at every                             so that he or she associates going to the dentist with a positive experience. As we learn more about your children and their individual needs, we can specifically tailor their treatment.  We take pride in being experts and up-to-date on oral health and best practices for treatment. We believe and understand that, as the parent, you know your child best. This is why we have a variety of AAPD approved treatment options available including fillings, crowns, extractions, appliances and more. 



​Going to the dentist can be scary, so we promote an environment of trust between patient and dentist. During every                             at ELM Pediatric Dentistry, we understand that some children may require sedation to help them work through their dental anxiety. Depending on the need of your child, we can offer mild, moderate and deep sedation in the office as well as taking your child to the hospital for general anesthesia.

A frenum attached to your child's lip or tongue is a normal part of their anatomy and for most infants and children, they do not negatively affect your child in any way. However, for some, their frenum may be attached to the lip (lip-tie) or tongue (tongue-tie) in such a way that the movement of the tongue and lip are restricted and can cause difficulties with nursing, speech, or dental complications. We provide frenectomy                               as a service for those who need attachment modification.




If a cavity becomes too big for a traditional tooth-colored filling, we may recommend a crown to protect the tooth from fracturing or developing a recurrent infection. A traditional stainless-steel crown (AKA silver cap) is the gold standard, but we understand some parents prefer tooth-colored crowns. If you are interested in this option for your child, please let our doctors know at your next                      


If you have ever had traditional impressions that feel like "a mouthful of mashed potatoes," you'll likely never forget it.  At your                            with ELM Pediatric Dentistry, we have elected to provide a 100% digital office, utilizing a state-of-the-art intraoral scanner for all of our records to better see your child's teeth. This will make the process of customizing orthodontic appliances, clear aligners, space maintainers, and night guards. The use of a intraoral scanner allows for an accurate and more comfortable than traditional impressions.


Special Health Care

Children with special health care needs (SHCN) may require special attention for them to have a good experience at their dentist appointment. Children with SHCN can include medical conditions, developmental delays or severe dental phobia. If you believe your child would benefit from our specialized services schedule your consultation                             today!

Dental Trauma

A traumatic dental injury (TDI) can involve anything from a chipped tooth to a tooth being knocked out. A TDI can affect the growth and development of your child and the prognosis of the tooth may be determined by how soon you visit your dentist. If your child has experienced a TDI, please call our office at 502-754-6633 or schedule a consultation 



Coming Soon!

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